At, we’re scientists first and foremost. We understand that validation of software is the most important aspect of the services we provide for your preclinical research. With that in mind, we have taken tremendous care to develop our IQbot validation methodology.  

A validation plan is formulated for each IQbot offered on the site, ensuring that every IQbot performs as intended and improves upon alternative methodologies. For every IQbot, explicit and rigorous standards for success criteria are established based on a blind variability analysis. Complete validation information is documented and filed in a detailed report before an IQbot is issued its validation certificate. We take the validation process very seriously.


Every image you submit for analysis by an IQbot is validated via an image QA assessment. Our staff is trained to look at each image overlay and data table output for key quality metrics specific to the analysis prior to delivering the results to you. With, we try to provide preclinical researchers with options for image analysis that are definitive, low cost, faster, and that produce reproducible results. The quality and scientific validity of your analyses, though, will always remain our top priority.

We also understand the importance of keeping your work confidential and have taken numerous steps to ensure data security on our site. The site architecture was designed with industry standard security approaches. Communication between users and the site is encrypted via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This protects all information transmitted to and from, be it an email address or imaging data set.

Internal web activity, image processing, and data storage occur on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud infrastructure. Once uploaded to the site, images are stored on the Amazon S3 simple storage service. S3’s security has been excessively documented, and it was chosen for its exemplary data protection practices and track record. We also use every precaution in processing your payments to protect your financial identity and information. It is for that reason, at this time, that we do not accept credit cards. We know that your trust in matters of information security is delicate and that it only takes one mistake to lose it forever. We are deeply committed to ensuring that such a mistake never happens, and have done everything in our power to make a tool you can use with confidence. is developed and maintained under the ImageIQ Quality System. Procedures governing the performance and documentation of all key processes have been controlled and monitored for compliance. By having and adhering to these procedures, we ensure that best practices are met in all that we do, whether that’s properly executing version control on a new IQbot or logging support queries. is proud to support your research’s compliance with the applicable good laboratory practice (GLP) standards set forth in 21 CFR 58. We are also in compliance with federal privacy and information security guidelines for dealing with personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI) data security standards.