IQbots are the engine that powers our image analysis processes. They are tailored to aggregate and report the information you need from your study’s imaging data. Our experience has given us great insight and understanding into all of the elements that play a part in optimizing automated image analysis processes.

When you utilize IQbots in your research, you gain the full benefit of our automated analysis workflow:

  • Validated, Reproducible Analyses — Our scientists and software engineers work to create, verify, and validate each IQbot. These automated solutions deliver the same output data spreadsheet and image overlays from a given image set every time, taking the subjectivity out of your image analysis processes.   Learn more about out validation procedures
  • Individual Image Validation — Every image processed via an IQbot is subjected to a Quality Assurance (QA) assessment conducted by trained human eyes. Our qualified processing team ensures that your images are processed appropriately by the IQbot.
  • Complete Results — As published researchers, we know that our colleagues in academia and industry prefer results that are available in a format that can be used standalone, or imported into any number of statistical analysis packages. This allows you to present the results in a manner consistent with your preclinical research reporting plan. Results include pre- and post-analysis images, as well as the data that the analysis generates.
  • Reference Materials — To make it easy for you to understand and communicate your image analysis results, we include some important supporting items in your results package. These include a video walkthrough of your output information, relevant references from scientific literature, material to support your GLP compliance, and a validation certificate.
  • Standard Formats — All the data delivered to you in your results package will be in standard formats. So you are free to put your results into PowerPoint, Word, or any of your other favorite applications.

The benefits of our technology remain significant when compared against pre-packaged image analysis software configurations:

  • Accuracy — Due to the rigorous validation process of our IQbots and the expertise incorporated into their creation, you can be assured of the quality and precision of your results.                              
  • Reproducibility — The automated nature of our IQbots eliminates human error and inconsistency in analysis methodologies where inter- and intra-observer variability can be as high as 100%. Similarly, if you are using one-off “scripts” to analyze your data, without proper source code control and validation, you are at risk of being unable to reproduce software-based analyses with solutions that are not robust enough for application across all treatment groups and controls.
  • Speed — Our IQbots’ flexible computing architecture significantly reduces the analysis turnaround time associated with your imaging data sets. In this way, we facilitate a speedier conclusion to your preclinical research.
  • Cost — Our automated processes greatly reduce the human analysis time required to obtain or qualify similar results and allow your team to focus on more challenging problems. This reduces your overall research costs. Plus, our fee-per-image pricing allows you to only pay for what you use, rather than investing in expensive software that may sit idle for long periods of time.
  • Support — We are extremely proud of the reputation for customer satisfaction we have cultivated for ImageIQ. You can expect to receive the same level of dedicated service with
  • Peace of Mind — We have committed ourselves to the development of IQbots as tools and manually perform quality assurance assessments on every set of results we analyze for you. We are trusted in the industry based on our track record of excellence and are available and eager to provide support at any point in the process.